Fongo ?

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Fongo ?

Postby derein » 12/01/2020


We are new to Fongo. I currently use the Fongo app. on a Iphone 6. We are considering using Fongo as our home phone. I understand that with the adapter on a cordless phone we can call anywhere in Canada at no cost. Can I also call with the adapter to anyone in Canada from anywhere ? ( US or another country ) . Can I call someone else that is using a voip phone with a Canadian number in another Country ( US or another country)on a cordless phone ?
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Re: Fongo ?

Postby bridonca » 12/01/2020

Fongo does nothing to stop one from using their VOIP service in another country. The other country might put in blocks to restrict VOIP calls though.

If the internet connection in the other country is good enough, the services Fongo provides in Canada to Canada will be the same as if you have the service in another country. Using Fongo to call a number in your country will still be a long distance call. Your Fongo number is still a Canadian number, and your country's telco will bill you accordingly, even if the Fongo service is in that country.
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Re: Fongo ?

Postby Jake » 12/02/2020

It will basically be a landline version of the app you are using now. You can currently take your phone anywhere in the world, and it will behave like it is still in Canada with regards to calling in and out.
The ATA will do the same. No matter where you plug it in, it will behave as though it is still plugged in at your home in Canada.

As Bridonca mentioned, it is of course subject to any restrictions the internet provider that you plug it into wants to put on it. Some companies don't like the use of VOIP connections.
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