Has anyone try using Fongo in Asia?

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Has anyone try using Fongo in Asia?

Postby mmbiker » 03/26/2021

One of the main reason I ported over to Fongo is the ability to place and receive calls anywhere with internet.

Will Fongo work in Asia? In particular, Hong Kong and Mainland China (I will use VPN to connect to server elsewhere to bypass the great china firewall)?

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Re: Has anyone try using Fongo in Asia?

Postby bridonca » 03/29/2021

Fongo is not going to do anything to stop you from using their service in Asia. If you are going to use a VPN, you better make sure it can handle VOIP calls, some cannot. Call quality might also be an issue. None of these issues have anything to do with Fongo or the service. You have cruddy internet, you are going to have a cruddy VOIP experience. But since it is free, it is well worth trying.
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