I Cannot Check My Cellular Voicemail

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I Cannot Check My Cellular Voicemail

Postby lucky » 07/21/2009


For some strange reason, I'm not able to check my cellular voice mail from my FPL. When I press the # sign to get into my voicemail, nothing happens. The system doesn't recognize the # sign. Any suggestions?
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Re: I Cannot Check My Cellular Voicemail

Postby Krazie243 » 07/23/2009

On a VoIP phone, the # symbol is used as a break or end argument. Basically that means that when dialing a number, the phone will wait for 11 digits (the phone number including the "1") and if you only hit 10 (the phone number not including the "1") then the phone might wait a while for an 11th digit. The # symbol is used to notify the system that all the numbers have been entered and should be pushed through so that it doesn't wait for an additional number. Same with 911. If you dial 911 it might wait for you to enter 8 more numbers. Dialing # sends the 911 through immediately.

This use of the # symbol unfortunately seems to have some side effects on doing things that require using # while on the phone. Hopefully we'll be able to sort this out in the near future.
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