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Mac OS X phone

PostPosted: 07/23/2009
by dacha
I realize that your softphone is only for Windows configuration.
Is there a phone for Mac OS x that we can use and just have your configuration?
Can you give me info where can i find one. Thanks in advance

Re: Mac OS X phone

PostPosted: 07/23/2009
by FONGO_kris
Unfortunately we are in a bit of a rut when it comes to the Mac softphone, Mac natively uses G711u-Law but the softphone uses G729a-Law, which provides the end user as well as the person you called with the best audio quality. Even here in the office with a 50Mbps connection, the Mac softphone has horrible packet loss and is jittery on either end. We soon hope to get these bugs fixed.

On another note, we've made a lot of tests with different settings without any success. Sound is always choppy and it is hard to understand words. The official producer of codecs (JMF) - Sun Microsystems support all OS's except Mac. When the programming team has more time we will investigate if there are acceptable alternatives and how much time they would need to implement them. Of course this is not a top priority to think about different codecs; Last time we concluded that we need several (at least 2-3) months, of hard work do do this and unfortunately right now we don't have this time.

As for the phone client, I am not sure which ones are supported by Mac OS, you should do some of your own research to see what you can come up with, feel free to post that suggestion here in the forum in this tmie where we do not have a client for Mac OS.