Cannot port Halifax (Nova Scotia) number

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Cannot port Halifax (Nova Scotia) number

Postby fan2ma » 01/25/2015

Unable to port Halifax landline number to When I try and go through the process of porting my number there doesn't seem to be a way to select Nova Scotia. So I'm stuck ... Thank you.
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Re: Cannot port Halifax (Nova Scotia) number

Postby bridonca » 01/25/2015

Fongo currently does not have any Halifax numbers, so they cannot port them. I have no idea when Fongo will be able to do that, but I do know they want to support Halifax. My guess is that Halifax numbers are currently too expensive to support Fongo's business model. Considering that Nova Scotia got a brand new area code we really do not need (we only have a population of a million) you would think the numbers would get cheaper.

I do notice progress though. Winnipeg numbers have recently been supported by Fongo, so hopefully the same will happen to Halifax also,
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Re: Cannot port Halifax (Nova Scotia) number

Postby vastonsmith » 05/04/2015

Instead, I've used the free number they have provided on and off (mostly off). I went to sign into my account which was registered under another email address and got the message that this username/password does not exist. Granted, I haven't used the account in a long time and I guess they cancelled it because it was dormant. What was disappointing was that there was no warning email advising that this was going to occur.
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