Spam Calls

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Spam Calls

Postby jcipher » 04/23/2015

Anyone else receiving calls saying "your telephone number is randomly selected to receive a complimentary free stay at our 5 star hotel. For further details, press 1 now?"
Are they working with Fongo? If not, can you stop them if they are using Fongo's number to call?

I've receive calls every 3 days for my FPL account 604-283-xxxx, I've been receiving calls from 604-283-8642, 604-283-1349 and 604-283-9437(didn't pick up).
For my Fongo account, 778-775-xxxx, I've received a call from 778-775-9497.
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Re: Spam Calls

Postby lustucru » 04/23/2015

I have been receiving such calls during the last few days and they all originate from 438-338-xxxx and 438-238-xxxx, althoufh my phone numbers are on the DNC CRTC list since 2012.

The callers look like Montreal Fibernetics numbers but it does not mean necessarily they are owned by Fongo, since it's easy to spoof a phone number.

Unfortunately, there's not too much that we can do to stop these spam calls and filing a complaint to the CRTC won't really help if the caller id has been spoofed.

I just don't pick up the phone when I don't know the caller and activate the "Do Not Disturb" option when I need some rest. Hopefully, the callers will get tired and will remove my phone number from their database.
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Re: Spam Calls

Postby bartekd » 04/24/2015

I received one of these calls today too. I answered it and pushed one saying I am interested. When someone came on the line, they asked if I was over 30. I asked who am I talking to, and they again asked if I am over 30. When I asked again who I was talking to, they hung up. The same thing happened a month ago. They hung up on me when I asked who I was talking to. Last month I was with rogers, and have since ported my phone number to fongo, so I don't believe it is a fongo issue.

One thing I noticed is it has the same NPA/NXX as my phone number. My phone number starts with 416471, and when they call me, it always has the same numbers, but the last 4 digits are random.

Whats the best way of reporting it?
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Re: Spam Calls

Postby awan » 06/13/2015

I have been receiving these spam calls with the first six same as my home phone or cell phone. make sure that you do not give them any information , they are information pirates, and will charge your credit card without you getting any thing.
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Re: Spam Calls

Postby bridonca » 06/13/2015

I promise you those robo dialer phone numbers are spoofed, using fake exchanges. I have rural number, with maybe 500 subscribers using that exchange, if that. Surprisingly, I get robo called from someone using that exact same exchange! What are the chances one of my neighbours is trying to spam me on Westjet offers?

As that pertains with Fongo, Fongo can do nothing about it, because the calls are not coming from Fongo/Fibernetics network, The Fongo exchange numbers are being spoofed, of which Fibernetics or any other phone company have no control over currently.
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Re: Spam Calls

Postby Savario » 06/18/2015

yes, they are spoofed. They are doing this now because so many people now are blocking these calls or aren't answering these calls that look to be long distance. So they fool you by spoofing based on your local you think it may be someone you know or an important call. If you're really unlucky, they'll spoof your actual phone number and you'll soon be receiving calls from angry people.
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