People I have called, now get strange phone calls

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People I have called, now get strange phone calls

Postby mysteryjesus » 06/20/2015

Since using fongo, I have heard complaints from people that I have called who now get spam calls from strange phone numbers. Some people, maybe all of the numbers I have called, now get spam calls from imposters who call them and on the call display will be their own phone numbers! Other weird phone numbers that include ones with a whole bunch of 0's, or phone numbers that are like 123456789.

When they answer the phone, the caller hangs up.

What is going on here? Is this someone who has hacked gmail or is it someone who has hacked the fongo app? Is it random hackers or is it a spy agency like CSIS or the NSA? Why are these people calling?

This is extremely odd and sometimes they call up to four times or more a month. Can someone look into this and improve the security?
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Re: People I have called, now get strange phone calls

Postby Savario » 06/23/2015

same here. caller id is spoofed.

someone definitely is using this information (illegally)

i've received similar spam calls , on two different phones, in different cities within minutes....the only relation between these two phone numbers is that they are both active numbers that are called using a 'fongo' line.

i also receive spam fax calls on my 'fongo' line that interupt my current call. This is impossible for any regular/normal call because if someone else calls my fongo number while I am using it, it will announce that the user is unavailable...yet these 'spam' faxes come through and disconnect the current call! someone is using a back door to 'listen' in or take over the call.

this service is free, but if free means that someone is using your information or can listen into calls then i'm out.
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Re: People I have called, now get strange phone calls

Postby ckkatan » 06/23/2015

Of late, there are many reports about phone spoofing ( I even received (that I did not answer) a call from my "own" phone number (this should not be possible - but I was wrong).

I would suggest not answering any calls from caller ID that you don't know.
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Re: People I have called, now get strange phone calls

Postby lustucru » 06/25/2015

I have received such calls during the last 3 months or so.

As mentioned earlier, the caller id is spoofed and filing a complaint to the CRTC is useless.

The only way to get rid of these calls is to use a PBX. You need to provide an extension number (a PIN) to all your contacts. The PBX IVR will prompt the caller to enter the extension number or a specific number lo lease a message (avoid ZERO and ONE, they are easily 'recognized' by robots). All unknown numbers will be rejected.
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