have I just wasted 40 bucks

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have I just wasted 40 bucks

Postby zorba-the-greek » 04/26/2017

Had canuc based fongo for years no problems, did what it said on the can, now paid for the world service, put in 40 bucks.. needed to call Cuba quick, my cell provider blocks out going to Cuba hence the 40 bucks to fongo, yep checked the website, yes fongo show that Cuba is up and running, bit on the expensive side, but speed was of the essence here... So dial it , says not a valid number, try it lots of times, reboot phone and also try cell, nope, ok may be the number, so try another friend down there, same thing, try various numbers, none work. Send ticket through... its all a bit on the silent side.. so enlighten me on what I am doing wrong if you would be so kind... or as I have a feeling this is a correct surmise.. I have just gifted fongo 40 bucks because they dont really offer service to Cuba, just say they do :cry:
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Re: have I just wasted 40 bucks

Postby Jake » 04/27/2017

It says they offer calling to Cuba, so they must. Fongo wouldn't say something like that when they know they don't.

Unfortunately this isn't something beyond reassuring you that they would not intentionally rip you off that the forum can help you with. The support tickets would be your best route.

If you got a ticket number, PM it to Fongo Support here on the forum and you might get a speedier reply.
Let us know how you get on.
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