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Can anyone view your messages if they have your phones hd?

PostPosted: 09/05/2017
by kevinmac
Here is the situation and I am a bit worried that my private messages may have been viewed. I have fongo installed on my phone and I set "Applock" on it so that each time someone clicks fongo, it prompts them with a password. My question is, assuming they could not access the app due to the password protection, could they still plug my phone into a PC and retrieve/view my fongo messages? Are the messages stored in a folder on my phone that can be accessed if someone plugs it in?

Re: Can anyone view your messages if they have your phones h

PostPosted: 09/06/2017
by Jake
I'm not sure if anyone here would know the answer to this, I do I know I have no idea.

Your best bet will be to submit a support ticket to them directly and ask if the messages are stored encrypted or not.

They are for sure on the phone somewhere as I can read my messages when not connected to any network. If they are on your phone then the data can surely be got if someone really wanted to. The question then really is if it is encrypted to the point where they can't read it unless they use the app itself. This you will have to ask the developers about, but I'm not sure how much luck you will get there.

I would be interested in knowing what they say, if you do manage to get an answer.