Can I change my phone number?

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Can I change my phone number?

Postby lacviet2016 » 09/30/2017

I have open an account with freephoneLine and it works ok for the last 4 months, And I just realize today that this phone number is no longer working, the message say the account number is not valid??? , I try to log in and my account is disappear.

I open a new account but now I have a new phone number, who should I call to get my old phone number back?

Anyone can help? I have the old number register for many place, it is a pain... to go back and change.

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Re: Can I change my phone number?

Postby Jake » 10/01/2017

You will have to open a support ticket for this one. ( ) I know it has been possible for people to get their numbers back in the past but it is done at an account level and not really something we can help with here.
This page might help ... ne-number-
I would follow that page and in the box explain what happened and enter the phone number that you used to have. If nothing else you have created a ticket that is on the right subject and you should be able to get something sorted.

If the number has already been reassigned, it might not be possible to get it back, but the fact you get an error when calling it is a good sign.

You probably want to have a read through this page also ... t-deleted-
Basically what they are trying to avoid is having dormant numbers in the system as these don't make them any money.

If the number is very important to you, I would suggest moving it to FPL and buying the unlock key. This way you do not have to worry about it ever get reclaimed. There is a bit of initial outlay, so it will depend on how important the number is to you.
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