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Caller ID display

PostPosted: 11/13/2017
by seagame2001

I just switched from Linksys ATA to other Linksys ATA due to the old one die

I have a problem caller display with incoming call no caller display at all

Any suggestion to fix it?

Re: Caller ID display

PostPosted: 11/13/2017
by Liptonbrisk
Login in to your ATA and navigate to Voice -->User(FPL)-->Supplementary Service Settings --> CID Setting

Ensure CID setting is set to "yes".

CWCID Setting should be set to "yes" too.

Test by calling your FPL number using Fongo Mobile on smartphone.

Then in your ATA under Voice-->Line (FPL) status, check Last Caller Number. If your Fongo Mobile number is listed, then the ATA has received CID info.

If the issue persists, then the problem involves your phone--or possibly a compatibility issue between your phone and your ATA.
You may need to change Ring Waveform and Ring Voltage under Voice-->Regional-->Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec

Try Sinusoid for Ring Waveform and 90 for Ring Voltage. Ring Frequency is typically 20.
But you should be checking with the customer service department for your phone for the proper voltage and waveform. I do not accept responsibility for bricked phones (or ATAs).

Lastly, if you have a fake ATA, you should expect problems:

Re: Caller ID display

PostPosted: 11/14/2017
by seagame2001
ATA is real as I checked it already thanks

I check every thing it look good but this no caller ID

Yes I checked on ATA there was last call number showed it

I will connect different phone see what happen

Re: Caller ID display

PostPosted: 11/15/2017
by Liptonbrisk
There's a related thread over here: ... w-PAP2T-NA.

Again, I accept no responsibility for bricked phones, especially due to improper voltage settings.