DATA and wifi

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DATA and wifi

Postby DenDen60 » 12/29/2017

If I understand properly, Fongo uses wifi and data connections.

I have tested Fongo with wifi and it works well with the phone number Fongo gave me..

I have just bought a data plan from Virgin (Canada). I have received another number from Virgin.

How do I configure my apple 5S so that it works both with the wifi and the data plan I bought with Virgin.
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Re: DATA and wifi

Postby mh1983 » 12/30/2017

A number needs to be tied to the plan you're on. But you can effectively ignore that number.

So long as you keep Fongo open, use that number, and give that number to family/friends instead of the one built into your plan, you're good. As you suspect, Fongo will work whether you use data or WiFi.
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