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Feature Questions

Postby PhoneyGuy » 01/26/2018

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to figure out what features are available through this service, but from the site it's not clear to me.

I want to have a number that will forward to multiple other non-Fongo numbers, for both voice and SMS. So, for instance, someone calls the Fongo number. The phones connected to this number would ring, allowing any to answer. Or, an SMS message is sent to the Fongo number, which is then forwarded to the connected phones, allowing any of them to respond.

Would this be possible with the service?
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Re: Feature Questions

Postby Jake » 01/27/2018

You will be able to do this with calls, depending on how many numbers you are trying to forward to. I have never tested how many numbers you can add into the call forwarding system but I suspect there must be an upper limit.
For this Fongo Works might be a better solution for you. It basically allows you to set up a switchboard.

As for texting, I don't believe there is a forwarding system for this though Fongo, especially not to multiple numbers. That sounds like it might get abused and make Fongo tighten their belts or increase the cost of the packages they offer.

So for calling yes, texting I'm going to say no. Depending on what you are looking for, FongoWorks might suit your need also, but a standard Fongo account will do the call forwarding to multiple numbers at once, and stop on the other numbers when one picks up.
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