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Question about porting

PostPosted: 02/24/2018
by Owen
Hi there,

I registered and got a new freephoneline number already. But if i want to port another number from other VOIP provider, will it overwrite the freephoneline number?

Another question is that if I purchase the VOIP unlock key, does that mean I can use it to set up my voip router so that I will not need to pay anything going forward if I only dial in canada?



Re: Question about porting

PostPosted: 02/24/2018
by Jake
When you port in a number it will replace the phone number currently associated with that account, so you are right there. If you become attached to the FPL number you were given, then simply open another account and port the number to that one. You can always forward your FPL to your ported number later so calls to either number will call your ported number.

You are pretty much spot on with regards to the unlock key. Purchasing the unlock key will get you a password that you can use in a 3rd party device (in your case your voip router) to connect to the system. Once you have the key there are no other charges that you are required to pay, unless you want to call a phone number that is out of the free calling areas. So it's not all of Canada, but a very large part of it. As long as the number is one of these cities, it should be free

The only other fee you may have to pay is if you are unfortunate enough to have to call 911. There is a charge for this now, but not a monthly fee like most Telcos charge, it is a per use charge. ... lice-Fire-

I have had my unlock key for many many years and I have not paid a penny since. It must have saved me a small fortune over the years :)

Re: Question about porting

PostPosted: 02/27/2018
by Owen
Thank you very much Jake!