Cannot dial out

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Cannot dial out

Postby nov » 02/21/2020

I received email said "Your dormant account with World Credits has been debited by an amount of $0.01 and your new World Credit balance is $0.00.", but I didn't have any long distance call. When I try to call my local cell phone, it said busy and cannot dial out. I used my cell phone to call the sip phone, rings on, but cannot pickup the call due to "Busy".

I used obi200 with porting number for years without any issues.

Any one can provide some suggestions?
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Re: Cannot dial out

Postby Jake » 02/22/2020

Has you account been used lately? Just having world credits on accounts no longer saves it from being reclaimed. ... unt-Policy

3a and 3b in particular.

If it has been used lately then I would check your call logs (if you are still able to log in online) and see what it says there. It could be that your account has been compromised and someone has used all your credits.

Other than that I'm not sure we can help too much more here as this forum has no access to account particulars. You will have to open a ticket with them.

Just to clarify: World credits will start to be deducted if your account goes into a dormant state (no outbound calls for 90 days), they then start deducting $1 every 30 days. After all your credits are gone they will reclaim the number. There is also a note on this page ... ld-Credits saying that even if you have credits on your account is no outbound calls have been made for 120 days, then they consider it dormant.

I believe the only way to safeguard free numbers (IE not Home Phone nor one with an unlock key) is to make sure you have placed an outbound call at least every 90 days. Someone else had a problem where they were placing calls but still got marked as dormant. They were able to show they had made calls and this was down a mistake on Fongo's end. They got their account restored.

Could you let me know if your account is for Free Phone Line and I will get this thread moved to the right section. It sounds like it if you are using an OBi200.

If you let us know how often your account gets used, we might be able to offer suggestions as to what direction to go in.

Best of luck.
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