LNP look up tool

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LNP look up tool

Postby callopsitte_himself » 02/28/2012

In another topic (http://forum.fongo.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4532) onirike asks if or when FPL intends to port his 450 area number as it actually cannot.

I don't know about programming (how easy it can be or not) but if FPL had a LNP (Local Number Portability) look up tool on their home page maybe that could help people but also ease technical support's tasks and give them more time for more important ones.

CallCentric have such a tool on their home page. As far as I know for portability of numbers all providers have about the same list. So to people hoping to port their actual number I suggest you go check on the CallCentric page if it is possible. Keep in mind that, as it is another provider, the result can only give a hint of the probability with FPL... until they have their own LNP tool.
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Re: LNP look up tool

Postby TheHardy » 03/04/2012

I think that the LNP look up was suggested in a few threads too, as I remember it being an issue prior to my absence. I would strongly urge FPL/DV/Fongo to implement such a tool as it would prove very useful for potential customers, and also ease some of the burden placed upon the CSR's dealing with these inquiries.

Remember that most users that are doing VOIP and thinking about porting over will do their research online, so such a tool would of course be used heavily!
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