Configuring Motorola ATA

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Configuring Motorola ATA

Postby christis » 07/14/2009

Hi all,
I have a Motorola VT2442-VD ( Router / ATA combo, capable of phone lines ), I am able to login to the unit OK, but I dont see anywhere to enter the SIP settings. I can export or import config files, but there isnt anywhere to enter SIP settings. Correct me if I am wrong, but dont I need a config file emailed to me from FPL? The file should be in the format " *.bin " .
Lemme know if I am on the correct track, and if I am not, please advise.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Configuring Motorola ATA

Postby Mr_Pang » 07/14/2009

I would like to know the answer to this also.
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Re: Configuring Motorola ATA

Postby Krazie243 » 07/15/2009

The configuration file is not a program or package designed for insertion into ATAs. It is a text containing the information only.

There are two possibilities for your device:

(1) Your motorola may be locked or set in a way that only motorola made ".bin" files can update it with new SIP settings
(2) You can create ".bin" files yourself, but you would need to contact Motorola in order to learn how. We do not provide anything more than the necessary login information within the config 'file'. What you are purchasing for $50 could be more accurately described as the SIP settings. (Proxy, password, etc)
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