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FPL SIP with Express Talk (NCH)

PostPosted: 05/01/2010

I have a question for FPL admin/support. If I buy configuration files, would I be able to set up with Express Talk without an ATA. Is there any way at all to use an answering software with FPL directly ?.

Express Talk Softphone with Call Recording states

* Record VoIP phone calls on demand
* Suitable for home or business use
* Use with any VoIP SIP gateway provider

Thanks for any help/suggestion.

Re: FPL SIP with Express Talk (NCH)

PostPosted: 05/03/2010
by Winston
Good morning, as soon as the Softphone support the SIP protocol it will, I have used 3CX and X lite Softphone and works as a charm :D

Re: FPL SIP with Express Talk (NCH)

PostPosted: 05/07/2010
by Bloodsong
Another good thing to note is that recording the network traffic with a protocol analyzer such as wireshark effectively records the calls as well, without that annoying echo you sometimes get while recording a softphone with audio recording software.

Re: FPL SIP with Express Talk (NCH)

PostPosted: 05/07/2010
by Winston
Bloodsong has a good point, besides you can sit and watch the traffic, analyze the information and hear the sound of the call, it comes handy in times when people wants to see what really is going on when making/receiving a call.

The logs can also be useful to determinate information such as: The ports open, the traffic of the information sent, time, where it goes, etc.

Please let us know the outcome to see if you were successful doing these steps.

Re: FPL SIP with Express Talk (NCH)

PostPosted: 06/07/2010
by psycon
Expresstalk works perfectly with FPL.. no special setup is needed, just server/user/pass should do the trick. In most configurations at least.