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3CX and FreePhoneLine Canada

PostPosted: 11/21/2017
by alexcarrera
I have 2 lines with FreePhone Line Canada, 1 for my home and 1 for my business, both managed by Elastix. I've been a happy camper for almost 5 years with no problems whatsoever until 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Business Line stopped to recognize the dial tones at the IVR and when I "forward" the call to my cell phone I do not get any sound at the Cell phone, I can hear at the originating line though.

I've trying the IVR feature with my home line and forwarding the call to my cell and I have no problems at all.

I have decided to move from Elastix and rebuilt my PBX with Issabel with no luck and currently working with 3CX with exactly the same behavior at all the times. I have moved my PBX out of my NAT into a DMZ zone to avoid any firewall block and keep having the same situation.

I have meticulously compared the settings on both lines and I cannot find any difference, which makes me think, perhaps something has changed on your end.

After an email from Support I've switched the Registrar/Host to and all of a sudden the services started working again, well, they work OK every once in a while. This is the actual reason of this post.

Seems like my PBX stops "registering" at freephoneline's server and incoming calls are dropped. I have to "Refresh the Registration" of this trunk then Incoming calls goes thru, eventually, after minutes it drops the calls again.