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Cisco-7940G Config with SIP 7.5

PostPosted: 12/09/2018
by SignalHillDude
This is an older 2 line Cisco desk set. I see lots of posting on the board for a variety of different configuration options. I am including files for recently updating the firmware on the phone to SIP 7.5 which may actually require one to update the SCCP firmware first. I have not included the Cisco firmware to do this but Cisco offers downloads and directions on updating the firmware using a local tftp server.

I have a simple home network, running Windows 10 and a standard home router that supports UPNP. I think this is a critical condition that is not utilized in many of the older hardware configuration postings. Further, from the older Sip version 2 to the more recent SIP 7.5, a lot of variables have changed. Cisco is up to SIP 8.x but they have not released a later version for the 7940G model that I have found.

I have included the files I needed to customize from the Cisco firmware update packages. As my phone came with SCCP ver 5, it had to be updated to 6.x to support the new SIP 7.5 load. This required both a SIP firmware download from Cisco as well as a SCCP download. The latest SCCP was also not installable under the ver 5.x firmware.

Annoyingly, under ver 5, the phone unlocks configuration on a line by line basis using **#. After the firmware updates, one unlocks all the configuration with a password, the default being "cisco" (without double quotes). To manually set the tftp server address, one need to change Network Configuration --> Alternate TFTP to Yes, then Network Configuration --> TFTP Server to your local TFTP server IP. These files anticipate being in the root directory of the TFTP server but this too can be configured. I have set the configuration files for both lines to be configured (2 line model) as well as including a Dial Template file.

The configuration is complete except for the individual phone file, SIPxxxxxxxxxxxx.cnf. Change the file name, replacing x with the MAC address (no separators) and add your own FPL key information.