647 works but 437 does not work on the same linksys

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647 works but 437 does not work on the same linksys

Postby jack chan » 01/29/2014

I have the 1-647-547-xxxx for a few years, and I have Linksys PAP2T running behind a wireless route.
And the setup has been running fine since day 1.
Request was opened.

Technical Support inquiry (request #49796)‏


Recently, I brought a new SIP settings for 1-437-887-xxxx.
I simply connect to the ATA box (the same box that is using 1-647-547-xxxx) and change the Subscriber information to use the
new UserId and Password. All the other setting remains the same.

However, The existing ATA box does not work with 1-437-887-xxxx.
If I change the subscriber information back to 1-647-547-xxxx, everything works.

Following is what I observe when 1-437-887-xxxx does not work.

(1) Can make a call from 1-437-887-xxxx to called party.
However, caller cannot hear the called party.
Called party can hear the caller.

(2) Make a call from 1-437-887-xxxx, called party rejects the incoming call.
Caller automatically redials, it goes throught, and this time the caller can hear the called party.
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jack chan
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SIP Device Name: Linksys PAP2
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Re: 647 works but 437 does not work on the same linksys

Postby Jake » 01/30/2014

If you have not done so already, PM the support ticket number to Fongo Support (see sig for link).

Also, because this is a public forum I have edited your phone numbers. Fongo Support will ask for them privately if needed.
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