Can I cancel Number porting once initiated ?

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Can I cancel Number porting once initiated ?

Postby srajaram » 03/11/2014

My phone number is due to be ported in 2 days time. I have been testing Fongo on my Android media player using a bluetooth headset, but frankly, I am not getting the best reception when in moving vehicles since I am using a portable hotspot. For this reason, I am thinking about cancelling my number port. I realize that I may lose the $25 I spent on the umber port, but would prefer to stay with my current phone carrier for now until I am used to using Fongo. Please let me know if this is possible. Perhaps I should contact my current carrier and tell them not to port the number ?
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Re: Can I cancel Number porting once initiated ?

Postby Jake » 03/12/2014

You will have to send in a support ticket on this one. See my sig for the links.
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