looking for very cheap Mobile Phone UNLOCK KEY options

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looking for very cheap Mobile Phone UNLOCK KEY options

Postby tester2 » 03/24/2014

hi guys, i need your help, currently i don't have any Cell Phone, but i am keep on waiting for a long time, so that one day i can Buy one time Fee for Mobile Service like "UNLOCK KEY" and i can use unlimited as long as i like (no monthly Bills etc), so like this i pass many years, still i am waiting to see any company provide "one time fee and use as long as with out any further pay money service.

So can any body help me out in this kind of UNLOCK KEY buying for CELL PHONE SERVICE like INTERNET MOBILE PHONE CALLING SERVICE etc.

If like this Technology is not still come in the Market, then which is Suitable options for me, as Cheap as Possible.

Like buying a Device, then get Mobile Internet service on it, then install a perticular APP and talk unlimited over years etc, advice need.
If yes then which Device i have to Buy to get MOBILE INTERNET on it.

Thanks for your replies
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Re: looking for very cheap Mobile Phone UNLOCK KEY options

Postby bartekd » 06/22/2015

There is no such thing as a one time pay cell phone plan. The cheapest that you can get for use with fongo is this

1.) Buy a iphone or an android phone outright (no contract).
2.) Get a fido sim card
3.) Activate the fido sim card with a data only plan
4.) After its activated, ask them to disable calling and texting on your account. Otherwise if you accept a call, you will be billed $1 a minute which you don't want
5.) Download the fongo app, and create the account there
6.) Use fongo app to call and text

Fido I found to have the best prices. If you use under 150mb, the price is $10. If you go over 150mb, it automatically bumps you up to the next tiers as you use it (150mb-1gb = $25, 1gb-5gb = $35 ...)

https://www.fido.ca/web/content/monthly ... vicesplans
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Re: looking for very cheap Mobile Phone UNLOCK KEY options

Postby tester2 » 10/16/2015

Still I am looking for a Cell Phone Service, on which I can use my FPL Tel#,. or for 1 year I want to spend $50 to SERVICE PROVIDER for making & receiving UNLIMITED calls on CELL PHONE by using any VoIP techniques on this CELL PFONE.

1)--Yes I will Buy a Cell Phone, like iPhone or Android Phone, which ever support for VoIP FPL service. Because I already have my FPL Tel# that I want to use on CELL PHONE.

So how to get Success in my opinion. And any body can show me any MORE BETTER OPTION as $50 I can effort in 1 year for the Unlimited Service.

or is there any other FORUM on which I can go to collect more info about, how to MAKE & RECEIVE UNLIMITED CALLS with $50 for one YEAR. So if you direct me a FORUM or if you can PM me link then I will go to look over there for more info.

I AM STILL WITH OUT CELL PHONE. I am just waiting for the New Techniques or Methods coming in the MARKET to make and Receive Unlimited Call with very low price $50 for one YEAR.

2)---I currently have this CELL PHONE in my Home with out SIM Card & it is UNLOCK, and I can Connect to Internet on this CELL PHONE to play Games etc.
SAMSUNG Cell Phone, Galaxy S,
Model Name# SGH-I896, Firmware version : V1.0 (shows on PC), V2.2.
And I can connect to Internet when I go to McDonald, Tim Horton etc,
So is there any way I can MAKE & RECEIVE CALLS with this CELL PHONE.

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