Invalid user when returned from FPL Purchase site

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Invalid user when returned from FPL Purchase site

Postby tigerking » 01/18/2011

I was completed the purchase of a LD voucher from FPL. When attemp the 2nd purchase but change mind by clicking the "Back" button in the web page next to "purchase" button, it get back to the Budphone account page but pop up with "Invalid User" window.

Here is the senario:

1. Login my budphone account at
2. from there click on "Extra" to reach the 2nd page.
3. Click on the "Click to view rate", then I was re-direct to the FPL Optional feature page in a new window.
4. Click on "Buy Minutes"
5. Login using my budphone account ID and password.
6. after login at the home page of the minute purchase, I change mind and tried to click on the "Back" button in the web page next to "purchase" button
7. It brought me back to my budphone account page but with a window pop up with "Invalid User".

However, I can still navigate my budphone account.

This is only a minor bug need to be fix to make the transition between the two web sites going smoothly.
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