No Caller ID display for LD call to Hong Kong

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No Caller ID display for LD call to Hong Kong

Postby tigerking » 01/19/2011

I make a few LD calls to Hong Kong mobile numbers (011 852 9185 xxxx) and it were shown as "unknown" caller on my friend's mobile display.

I don't have this issue using my other LD carrier AIC as it shows my home number on my friend's caller display (the same mobile phone number I called).

Call time is about 8:00 p.m. PST on Jan 18, 2011 using the Budphone 2 stage mobile call service with LD voucher purchased from FPL.

It is not convenience if no caller ID delivered in the LD call as people so used to reject "unknown" caller and ignore the call and let it flow through the voice mail box.

Please check if it is the intention not sending the caller ID for LD calls or it was an error or bug of the Budphone 2 stage mobile service using FPL LD trunk.

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