one sides conversation

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one sides conversation

Postby MaxVR » 07/17/2013

Hello Everybody
I'm not sure if this is the right section for this but here it goes.
I'm a new customer to fongo ( I did download and install while it was dell voice) but forgot about it.
Now I'm currently in the process of waiting for my number to be ported than going to grab the 6 months of texting plan.
My setup;
Samsung Galaxy note 2
Andriod 4.1.2
Latest version of fongo

On this setup I find only one party will have a good connection either the caller or the receiver. The one side that is poor sounding, it'll cut in and out and its really hard to keep up with the conversation.

I also have an ipad2 running ios 6 and I installed fongo on that and the call quality is by far better. I've sent two tickets to support but yet to hear anything back.
Both devices are running on the same wifi network with no network strain.

Anyone have any suggestions? I also have a paif subscription to line2 and that software audio quality is clear and uses less bandwidth yet doesn't have bluetooth support.

And recommendations for troubleshooting?


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Re: one sides conversation

Postby bridonca » 07/18/2013

The bad audio quality on one end is usually an issue with your internet connection. You got a decent download, but and awful upload. Not an easy fix other than to get a better internet connection.

As for the one way audio, you need a better router. Preferably one that con use DD-WRT software. A lot of routers are poor at problerly routing SIP VOIP traffic.

I should ask what you have for hardware, your modem, router, and your provider and plan, and see if there is anything that can be done for you.
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