Share the LD voucher between Mobile and Desktop App

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Share the LD voucher between Mobile and Desktop App

Postby tigerking » 02/08/2011

I purchased LD voucher for my Budphone Mobile Aplication and it works fine.

I recently registered the Budphone Desktop application and get a FPL# and downloaded the Budphone Desktop softphone.

However, I just find out that the voucher is not available to the Desktop Application as I could not make call outside the free calling areas.

Would FPL and Budphone kindly consider to have one voucher share amount the two applications both registered under the same user account (same e-mail login ID). This will be much much convenience as user do not need to purchase separate voucher for seperated application.
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Re: Share the LD voucher between Mobile and Desktop App

Postby FONGO_steve » 02/09/2011

We are hoping to implement a shared voucher system in the coming months, but both systems are very different in the way they operate which is posing some complications in having this system up in the short term.
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