Budphone Apps for Blackberry Torch 9810

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Budphone Apps for Blackberry Torch 9810

Postby tigerking » 12/18/2011

Is there any Budphone Apps develop for Torch 9810?

I could not find the mobile apps for the Torch 9810 in the pull down menu when I login my Budphone mobile page. I am planning to switch my Blackberry Curve 8330 to Torch 9810 and would like to get the apps to continue to use my Budphone voucher.
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Re: Budphone Apps for Blackberry Torch 9810

Postby FONGO_steve » 12/19/2011

You'll likely be able to use the existing Bold app on the Torch 9810, although some of the screen scaling might be a bit off (i.e. lots of open space).

There is planned work to bring our suite of mobile apps up to date for 2012 - but I can't comment on timeframes right now because I personally do not know them :)
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