can we have pay per use SMS

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can we have pay per use SMS

Postby imnovayu » 09/12/2014

I like the Fongo mobile app a lot. It's my main mobile phone now. The only issue is Fongo only support SMS by subscription. I am an infrequent SMS user and probably only sent 10 - 20 msgs per year. It would be nice for me if I can send SMS occasionally without subscription.
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Re: can we have pay per use SMS

Postby bylo » 04/22/2016

I echo this suggestion. It doesn't make much sense to pay $2.79 per month to send a couple of texts. Any progress on this since the original post?

Suggestion: Use the customer's "World credits" balance to pay for a per-text charge when there's no texting subscription in effect for the account.
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