Several UI improvement suggestions (Android)

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Several UI improvement suggestions (Android)

Postby KonMari » 02/12/2015

I like Fongo App on Android and what it can do and I have several improvement suggestions with regard to the UI of the app (Version

Suggestion(1): Get rid of "News Feed". Use popup window that tells users there's new version of the app.

: Change "Dialpad" to "Phone" and integrate that with "History" and "Voicemail". Show notification for voicemail.

Suggestion(3): Integrate "Account" menu items ("Settings" etc.) with left-side menu items (e.g. "Add-ons" are duplicate, it's not clear what's the difference between "Logout" and "Exit", etc.).

Suggestion(4): Add capability to block *all* phone calls except for those from the list of selected people (white-listing).

Suggestion(5): Change "Add-ons" to "Buy Add-ons" and show the price in the very first page next to the "Buy" button.

Suggestion(6): Most items in the "Troubleshooting" in "Settings" should be integrated to "Make a Test Call"-wizard with Q&A.

In general the most popular messaging apps (WhatsApp, Hangouts, etc) tend to do a good job with regard to UI and I want Fongo to learn from what they excel at (simple, uncluttered UI, smooth animation effects in messages, etc).

What do you think?
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Re: Several UI improvement suggestions (Android)

Postby ice1179 » 03/30/2016

The only suggestions followed are 4 and 6 which are indeed great improvements.
I currently use Fongo and I think the UI is pretty good, but yet not perfect! I agree with suggestions 1 and 3 for menu simplification.

Here are other few changes I would suggest for future versions:
1) The possibility to modify call decline messages (yellow option when incoming call). These messages are not customisable (has I know).
2) Resolving voicemail notification problems. When you miss a call while you're offline, first it's ringing for the caller before reaching voicemail (even if your phone is off), second there is no voicemail notification popping when you're back online. It takes many hours before a notification shows up!
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