Couple of ideas

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Couple of ideas

Postby fongodude » 10/17/2015

I am considering getting the Canada texting plan, but two things i would like to see, one is the time a message was sent, i use a nexus 4 and the wifi shuts off when the phone is off, so when i turn it on the message received time is usually the current time, i want to know when the person sent it to me. Sometimes it shows an older time, so i'm not sure if this feature is already in there but buggy or the phone had retrieved it and not notified me.

Second feature is because of the same wifi off while phone is off is to have an option to have an e-mail sent to me after say 5 minutes of me not receiving a message which would let me know there is an unread message waiting since the computer is often on but i did not know someone was texting me till the next time i turn on the phone which may be hours later.
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