Google RCS Messaging

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Google RCS Messaging

Postby dogecoin » 02/25/2017

Hi, I've been reading lately that Google has been putting out its own version of iMessage lately called RCS. And they're using something called Google Jibe or something. I don't really know how it works, but I was wondering if it would be technically possible for Fongo to support RCS, and, if so, are there any plans to implement it into Fongo messaging?
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Re: Google RCS Messaging

Postby bridonca » 02/25/2017

Fongo has not figured MMS out yet, so I have my doubts RCS messaging will be put out with Fongo anytime soon. As far as I can tell, only Sprint supports it, so I believe there needs to be more carrier support before Fongo will take the leap, if ever.
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