Bug Report with detail Scenario

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Bug Report with detail Scenario

Postby jpalmer42 » 07/04/2017

When using WiFi the phone does not disconnect/hang up, unless the "Alternate Fongo Connection" is enabled.
It actually hangs the phone app until I turn off the WiFi.
When on WiFi the audio is crisp and clear. When using my data provider (fido) on 4G the sound quality is not good.
If I disable the "Alternate Fongo Connection", the sound quality is very good.
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Re: Bug Report with detail Scenario

Postby jasiumrowka » 07/24/2017

You have a cordless phone in your house that is using the same channel as your wireless router. Now routers are generally quite different so there's no one way to fix this. Just look up your make and model of modem on google and find out how to change the channel on your modem. It's pretty straight forward and not very time consuming to fix.
Also one thing to note is that you shouldn't automatically jump to the highest channel that you can because your wireless card may not be able to go that high.
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Re: Bug Report with detail Scenario

Postby mh1983 » 07/25/2017

I agree with the poster immediately above me.

I also see you're using a Zenphone, so Android. A great tool for checking different channels is WiFi Analyzer (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... yzer&hl=en). It helps you determine a good channel with the least interference. Switch your router to one of those candidates and you should see connectivity improvements across the board.
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