Feature Requests

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Feature Requests

Postby smvanbru » 11/27/2017

Have been using Fongo Mobile on my Android phone for a while now, and generally quite like it. Has been fairly reliable, and the price is right!

Have a few suggestions that would make it better:
1. Ability to turn off screen rotation. Dialpad in portrait mode works well. Whenever I finish a call, it takes a while to sort out if it wants to be in portrait or landscape mode, and until it sorts out what it's doing, I can't hang up. (hang up button keeps moving on me.) If I could lock the app to just stay in portrait orientation all the time, that would be nice.
2. WiFi - 3G hand-off. When in 3G, it works great. When it has good Wifi, it works great. When I'm walking out to my car, and it has weak wifi, it's struggling to connect via wifi, but not switching to 3G since there is still enough wifi to think it should be able to use Wifi. If it could switch to 3G any time it's having trouble with WiFi, that would be most helpful.
3. Ability to be SMS app. I believe you'd need to be able to handle regular SMS as well, but if you could do this, than any time I click an SMS link anywhere else on my phone, my Fongo app could be able to respond as the default SMS app. Would be very handy.
4. If you could sort out how to be a full-blown SMS provider that can handle shortcodes from Google, Uber, etc., that would be very helpful.
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