Sync messages and call log between devics

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Sync messages and call log between devics

Postby jemelo » 03/19/2019

Is it possible to sync messages and call log between devices? Say I have phone and tablet, same Fongo account, but messages and call log don't sync. A message only shows up on the device it was received *first*. If the phone happens to be on and the tablet is offline, the message is only shown on the phone. Even if I turn the tablet on later, the message will not show up in Fongo at all. If both devices are online, the message would show up randomly in one or the other device, I guess it depends on how quick is the connection between the device and the network (it's usually iOS wins here over Android).

The issue is if I receive verification message or any text message I need to read and I left my tablet at home, I can't read it. The messages don't show up on the phone which is with me, they show up on the tablet that was left at home.

This sync was never available (or at least I don't remember it ever worked), so wondering if the reason it doesn't work is because of privacy issues or simply not a feature available with Fongo. If it's not available, it should (or at least be an option).

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Re: Sync messages and call log between devics

Postby Liptonbrisk » 03/19/2019

jemelo wrote: I guess it depends on how quick is the connection between the device and the network (it's usually iOS wins here over Android).

Note that only one registration per Fongo account is allowed at any time. When there are multiple devices using the same account, only the most recent registration is valid. The previous device will lose registration. Whether you receive incoming calls on a particular device is dependent upon which device registered most recently with Fongo's server. Fongo is a SIP service, and that's how SIP with Fongo works.

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With respect to syncing messages across devices, I suspect your suggestion, if implemented, would be for local sync only over the same LAN. While I may be mistaken, I'm skeptical that Fongo would maintain servers just to store text messages for all of its customers indefinitely.
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Re: Sync messages and call log between devics

Postby alexkillby » 04/27/2019

As a slight modification to this post, I would suggest that the app enable back up of settings and messages to any connected storage account like Google Drive as apps like WhatsApp allow you to do. I don't like losing all of my settings and messages if I need to reinstall my app at some point or if I get a new phone.

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