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Do not disturb during call

PostPosted: 04/27/2019
by alexkillby
I really wish the app on Android would turn on the do not disturb function while engaged in a Fongo call. There's nothing more annoying than notification sounds and vibrations while you have the handset pressed right up to your ear. I'm certain the Android API has a hook available for applications to do just this.

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Re: Do not disturb during call

PostPosted: 07/24/2019
by vincent604
They seemed to have implemented this. Not sure if it was there when you posted but there's a setting in the app called "Mute Other Notifications While On Call".

Re: Do not disturb during call

PostPosted: 04/22/2020
by alexkillby
Yup! I'm not sure if it was an Android change or a Fongo app change, but I now only hear a quiet "bing" in my ear when other notifications come in rather than the vibration and loudspeaker notification sound. I had seen that option in the settings menu in the past too but didn't seem to do anything in my case.