Voicemail Notifications - SMS or EMAIL

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Voicemail Notifications - SMS or EMAIL

Postby marc25v » 02/29/2012

As my subject suggests, it would be amazing if you would provide voicemail notifications either by text message or email, or both! ;)

Currently using Dell Voice and this might be my only pet peeve.

Thanks for the great solution!
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Re: Voicemail Notifications - SMS or EMAIL

Postby dakey999 » 03/24/2012

Excellent suggestion!!!
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Re: Voicemail Notifications - SMS or EMAIL

Postby juser » 03/26/2012

+1 That would be a great feature to have.
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Re: Voicemail Notifications - SMS or EMAIL

Postby TheHardy » 03/26/2012

Hopefully the "copy voicemail to email" option that FPL users enjoy will migrate to DV soon enough. Getting a txt to a mobile WOULD be a nice feature as well, rather than forwarding the whole VM file. I would think that it may take carrier-specific coding tho in the implementation, as you would need to select your wireless carrier as well as enter your wireless number -- as each wireless carrier has different implementations of how to send "email sms" ... and WIND's is most definitely a KLUDGED together format which is still buggy at best.
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