Bluetooth Headset

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Bluetooth Headset

Postby djc » 03/30/2012

So I made a topic in the customer support section and thought I might as well throw it in here as well to get exposure in case developers aren't aware of it. Here's the thread: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=4754&p=25540#p24434

So to summarise, if bluetooth is used, the audio output goes to the bluetooth headset which is what is suppose to happen. The problem is that the audio input is the mic on the handset, rather than the mic on the headset. This makes it inconvenient to just put down the phone on the table during a call and walk around with a bluetooth headset. You basically have to carry the handset with you since that's where the input is made. I hope this can be fixed so that people can use bluetooth properly.

Also, setting for bluetooth under settings>preferences does not work. If checked, you are given 3 options when a call is made or received and they are phone, speaker and bluetooth. If you select bluetooth, no sounds can be heard on either the headset or handset. I'm not too sure if sounds can be heard on the other end. If you select speaker, it works as it should with the input from the mic on the handset and the output from the speaker of the handset. If you select phone, the sound output goes to the bluetooth headset and the input still has to come from the mic on the handset. This is the same effect if the "bluetooth" option is unselected.

Hoping that this can be fixed.
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Re: Bluetooth Headset

Postby TheHardy » 03/30/2012

Double posting gets annoying, fwiw, as most of the "company" people catch all the threads (or use the read new option), so there is NO benefit to posting in more than one thread. If you think an issue has been missed, add a BUMP post basically saying "Well, after 4 days of silence, I am bringing this back to the forefront -- any new thoughts?".

Otherwise you risk Steve, Mike or Kris locking one or both threads and just redirecting everyone to ONE of them. The only large exception to this was that service outtage last week where we had 4 threads on the go at once, just due to the sheer volume of posts!
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Re: Bluetooth Headset

Postby FONGO_mike » 03/30/2012

As the link is already in this thread (to the second thread) i am going to lock this post and it can be followed up on in the other one.
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