Bluetooth in a car ....FIDO billed for calls

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Bluetooth in a car ....FIDO billed for calls

Postby goliver » 02/23/2018


I am using a FIDO SIM in a NEXUS 5 phone. This works well if I make calls from the FONGO app directly..

When I use Bluetooth (SYNCH in a FORD Escape) to connect the NEXUS to the car the phone seems to be using the nartive
phone app. This uses the FIDO Data SIM to make calls ending up with unwanted billable phone minutes.

Is there any way to force the bluetooth connection to use FONGO to make calls in the car ?

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Re: Bluetooth in a car ....FIDO billed for calls

Postby Vitruvius » 03/03/2018


I have the same issue with Bluetooth in my Audi. Fongo will not connect automatically. I need to take a call manually by clicking on the phone screen, then it will connect to the car speaker. Same thing for outgoing calls. I can’t use the car interface or else it will try and connect through the SIM card.

In order to avoid being charged by Fido, I called them to make sure calls were not allowed on the sim card I use in my phone, only data. This makes sure no calls are routed to the default app, which would end up being cahrged.

Not convenient. I’m still hoping Fonfo will update its app so that it works in my car. It seems to work in other car manufactures (BMW).


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