No Fongo Mobile in Android Task Switcher

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No Fongo Mobile in Android Task Switcher

Postby mikesil93 » 04/12/2019

Current Fongo Mobile app for Android installed from Google Play never shows up in Android Task Switcher when running, at least on my Android 6 phone. So its impossible to Lock or Exit the app from the Task Switcher. The only way I can access the running app is from the phone Shade by tapping on Connected to Fongo notification, and the only way to Exit the app is to launch its UI and then select Exit from Menu.

Has anyone else experienced that? If its not a known never fixed bug, how I can troubleshoot it on my phone, since it persists for years regardless of the app updates? Do I need to add some Permissions or change any settings to have the running Fongo app show up in Task Switcher? All other VoIP apps I use show up normally in Task Switcher and controlled from it, except Fongo.
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