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Android Auto

PostPosted: 09/25/2017
by Lorick
Are we going to have support for "Android Auto" ?

Re: Android Auto

PostPosted: 11/22/2017
by ZzakK
Im bumping this question because I am interested in this as well. Its been 2 months, they should have an idea how they want to answer the question...

Re: Android Auto

PostPosted: 12/22/2017
by Lorick
Still not answer....
I don't understand why?

Support to Android Auto (or Apple Car play) should be something that they MUST absolutely add.
It would resolve the issue with making call and receiving call not working via the car Bluetooth.
I'm sure more people would used Fongo if that was supported.

I'm using Waze navigation with Android Auto and it's great!
Just can't wait to have the same support with Fongo.