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Voicemail Notification Delay

PostPosted: 11/09/2018
by mikesil93
When someone calls a Fongo Mobile number, the notification of a new call in Calls History in Fongo Mobile app for Android is immediate, regardless whether the call was connected or not. But when a Voicemail is left, it may take 5+ min to get New Voicemail notification on Fongo Mobile. Why is that, and is there a way to change the time delay to minimal or immediate notification once the voicemail is left? At times a call is missed, and must be returned right away, if you can listen to the voicemail promptly.

Visual voicemail receipt delay

PostPosted: 12/07/2018
by alexkillby
Are other users experiencing a delay when someone leaves a voicemail on your Fongo mobile line? I find it typically takes anywhere between 5-15 minutes after the message is left before I receive a mobile notification, and have access to listen through the visual voicemail feature. If I call the voicemail line as a phone call I of course have access to listen immediately, but there's nothing telling me I've actually received it until I get the mobile notification.

Re: Voicemail Notification Delay

PostPosted: 12/08/2018
by Liptonbrisk
The notification delay helps to reduce server traffic/congestion and is intentional.