ATA ordered but not received

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ATA ordered but not received

Postby chingwaikan » 11/20/2020

I still do not have my adapter that I bought in end of Oct. Reference number 32383

Can you please send me a tracking number?

The support tickets I have received so far on this issue were not helpful whatsoever. Where is the ATA?????
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Re: ATA ordered but not received

Postby bridonca » 11/20/2020

Sadly, you are not going to get much help from this forum. We are not privy to the goings on at Fongo.

If I were to guess, it is still in the mail. You can send a ticket once a week, but I would expect, Fongo cannot do much either, it will get to you, or not. In any case, 3 weeks in not a cause for panic yet.
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