HELP- "This account number is not valid" message

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HELP- "This account number is not valid" message

Postby to_munda » 02/27/2017

I got this new adapter and temp phone # from Fongo a few days ago.
My old number was scheduled to be ported in from Vonage today. I got the email from Fongo that its done as of today.
I have reset the adapter a couple of times but when I call out, I get this message "This account number is not valid"
My Vonage home phone is still working with the same old number. I dont know what the issue is.
If its not fixed today, Vonage will charge me tomorrow for the next month.
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Re: HELP- "This account number is not valid" message

Postby mrradio » 03/09/2017

I get the same message each time there is a power supply interruption.
The phone will not make outgoing calls.
If you have dial tone, dial ***#02 and listen for your the IP address of your ATA. use your browser (not google) to go to 192.168.1.x whatever you heard.
When you see the Grandstream (in my case) adapter menu, go to FXS tab, scroll down and you will probably see that the phone number is WRONG.
Enter the correct ported number including the 1
Even though I save and apply the new information, it happens with every power interruption.
would be nice if someone had the fix for this.
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SIP Device Name: grandstream
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