Wrong TN displayed @ Canada411

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Wrong TN displayed @ Canada411

Postby Data_Dan » 06/17/2017

I ported my Bell home phone # in May of 2016. I also have Bell DSL. The porting went smooth and Bell changed my DSL line to a dry loop and gave it a new TN. Prior to switching to Fongo, my Bell home phone service TN was displayed using my wife's initial then our last name. After the switch to Fongo it displayed my full name with the correct ported TN. Recently it was brought to my attention that the wrong TN is displayed on Canada411. For some reason the TN shown was changed to the Bell dry loop TN from the ported voice line with Fongo.
Is there anything Fongo can do to correct this problem with Canada411?
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Re: Wrong TN displayed @ Canada411

Postby Jake » 06/17/2017

I'm pretty sure that Fongo/FPL users don't get listed in the phone book. I know we have never been included in any telephone listing since we joined, which was an added bonus for us. I believe when we had Bell we had to pay to have the listing removed.
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