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Normal waiting time for support?

PostPosted: 03/05/2020
by Kristinel
I am a new fongo customer and received notification yesterday that my old number could be ported and I could set up my HT801 and start using it. I have a similar problem to some others I've seen where outgoing calls get a busy signal and incoming calls go straight to voicemail. I have tried every troubleshooting option I could find on the Fongo website and read a lot of posts but I am not sure if in my case the problem is with the way my device was configured or with my own modem and wifi router. I don't think I have the skill to figure it out myself from the different articles I've seen.

So I guess my actual question is: how long did it take for people to get a response from Fongo support when you have had problems? I don't mind waiting for help but since it's my first time I have no clue as to how long I should expect it to take -it's already been over a day since I submitted a ticket and haven't heard anything back other than the automated response.

Thanks & if you have a quick fix idea let me know (but I think I really need help directly from Fongo support - hope they will get back to me soon).


Re: Normal waiting time for support?

PostPosted: 03/05/2020
by Liptonbrisk
I usually allow 2 business days at least. Check your email spam folder just in case.

Follow the steps below step by step:

1. Ensure whatever modem/router combo (gateway or hub) your ISP gave you is in bridge mode if you are using your own router. Call/contact your ISP if you have to.
If you use DSL, perform PPPoE login using your D-Link router (in order to bypass any router features that are in the modem/router combo issued by your ISP) and ensure the ATA is connected to it.
If your ISP gave you modem that does not have a router built into it, you can ignore this step.

2. Hopefully, you have the security firmware patch already installed for your router:
The file is located at ... .10B04.BIN.
Note that I will not be held responsible for failed firmware updates.

3. Disable SIP ALG in your D-Link router. Login to your router.
Navigate to advanced settings-->Firewall Settings-->Advanced Level Gateway
Uncheck "SIP"
Click "Save settings".

Refer to pages 87 to 88 of your router manual: ... .00_EN.PDF.

To understand why SIP ALG often causes horrible problems, please visit (scroll down to the section on SIP ALG problems).

4. Visit ... am-HT-801-
Follow the steps.

5. Visit ... ream-HT801
If updating firmware fixes your issue, skip step 6.

6. Check light patterns on your ATA and visit ... Connecting

Beyond this, I'm not going to be able to assist you because your ATA settings are probably locked to Fongo's provisioning server.

Re: Normal waiting time for support?

PostPosted: 03/05/2020
by Kristinel
Thanks for the fast reply - good to know 2 days is normal.

I will try those suggestions too - thanks!

Re: Normal waiting time for support?

PostPosted: 03/10/2020
by Kristinel
Just in case anyone is checking for info on the waiting times, it took about 3 days to hear back from Fongo support. They asked for the MAC from my device, I sent that back and it took another two days for their reply, which instructed me to do a factory reset. I had done that previously but did it again and this time it worked (I'm guessing they did something at their end) and I now have a working phone.

So the support is out there, just have to be patient. I guess you get what you pay for.

Also, if anyone else is stuck with the same problem and no home phone for a few days, I found a decent work around. I got the free fongo mobile app which seems to work well with WiFi, with a different local number, and then used the "follow me" feature to forward calls from my home phone to the app so I could at least make and receive calls when I was at home without using up my prepaid cell phone minutes.

Thanks again for the help.