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Use cell phone voicemail instead of fongoworks

PostPosted: 06/26/2017
by madmat11

We have been using fongoworks for a few weeks now. Everything works well and forwarding calls to cell phones (and fongo mobile app) is ok but one feature. When a call gets forwarded to a cell phone and the user can't pickup the call; it is fongoworks voicemail that is being activated instead of the cell phone carrier's voicemail. Is there a way to avoid this?

Using fongoworks VM with fongo mobile app is obviously ok but cell phone users are used to check their VM with their carrier vm and not through their emails. We wish to be able to only forward the call to cell and let the cell deal with the rest. Is it possible? We tried only forwarding instead of forward then voicemail but unfortunately it is not working like we thought it would.

Thank you!

Re: Use cell phone voicemail instead of fongoworks

PostPosted: 07/07/2017
by richv
Open a ticket and ask to forward longer time. That is what I did and they fixed it for me