Callback feature?

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Callback feature?

Postby ssy080 » 11/29/2011


I was wondering if is planning to implement a callback feature? So I would call my FPL number and hang up, then a I would get a call in with a dial tone.

If that was possible, I would buy the settings file without a hassle!

I wonder if that feature would cost the company more money than simply VOIP?

thank you
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Re: Callback feature?

Postby FONGO_steve » 11/29/2011

Hi there
I will certainly pass this suggestion along - thank you.
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Re: Callback feature?

Postby rainor94 » 01/29/2012

I am also interested in this feature. Would work great with Wind Unlimited Incoming Pay Your Way plan.
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Re: Callback feature?

Postby FONGO_mike » 01/30/2012

rainor94, with your unlimited incoming, you could set your follow me settings for your freephoneline number to go directly to your cell phone, and presto, you would have a portable home phone
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Re: Callback feature?

Postby ssy080 » 02/04/2012

sorry, but we were asking for a callback feature so that we can make use of our free incoming plan to get free outbound calls :)

thank you for the response
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