Block Telemarketer Tel#

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Block Telemarketer Tel#

Postby » 02/09/2012

An excellent idea would be to develop the functionality to block TELEMARKETERS Tel#. This app would become become an Iron-clad success over-night.

App is urgently needed.
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Re: Block Telemarketer Tel#

Postby CSCO » 03/13/2012

A possible implementation could be a community based CID block list.

It could allow users to submit numbers suspected of telemarketing and store it as a community database. Control panel on the website gives option for users to participate in this feature.

In order to reduce false positives, it could offer no block, low, high settings where if more than 100+ complaints are filed, number would be filed under "high confidence" whereas for most people who can just select "low" setting and block most unwanted calls.
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