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Postby callopsitte_himself » 03/14/2012

I know it's been asked many times.

I've just really discovered what were URI and all I can say is they really are very useful.

Hopefully FPL will make it an option soon.

Also, what about Inum numbers. Although it would not be something I'd use I'm sure many FPL users would certainly benefit having. Many voIP providers now subscribe to Inum. For FPL that would also mean more revenues from incoming calls.
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Postby dibsmft » 03/15/2012

I don't know your SIP device. You might able to just call over the FPL login... user@provider.com (iNUM@sipbroker.com or iNUM@inum.net). You may need to put the URI into the speed dial or directory. Or you can call your local SipBroker number or your local iNUM number.
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